Love is…

Shortly after Tim and I started dating (9 years ago!), he had to go to England for six months. So sad! We both had to celebrate each other’s respective birthdays across a big big pond. I will always remember what he got me for my birthday that year. 

No flowers. No jewelry. Just a box from Omaha, Nebraska.


My first birthday present from Tim.

His friends warned him that maybe he should go with something more traditional… maybe something a little less… bloody? Tim could not be dissuaded. Tim insisted that Candy was a different kind of girl. So that birthday I opened a package of bacon wrapped filet mignons with a side of loaded potatoes. In all honesty, at the time I thought it was a kind gesture, but it did left me scratching my head: “What does this mean?” “Does he even like me??” My friends didn’t get it. I hated admitting it at the time, but like 50 cent so eloquently put it, I was that kid – like a fat kid loves cake steak. 

Fast forward 9+ years to today.

During lunch I picked Tim up from work so he could do a Costco run with me. He was standing under a tree holding something behind his back.


I’m sorry about the beastly bite taken out of the short rib. I bit into the short rib before I remembered to whip out my phone.

Love is packing a doggie bag for your babe when you are served her favorite cut of meat at work. 



5 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Jeff does this too – saves me especially good treats from work. It’s so cute. Although, I don’t remember what he got for my birthday when we started dating. Nothing so story-worthy as mail-ordered steak 🙂

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