Thoughts about Heat and AC

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I know this blog is called Summertime Candy and I love summer but I have to confess. I actually hate summer weather in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s strange. You’d think it’d be in my DNA to withstand heat seeing that I grew up in Hong Kong and Philippines where you were perpetually moist from your sweat or the surrounding humidity (most of time it’s unclear which is which). But in HK especially, people don’t put up with crazy heat! HK’ers blast their AC at the frigid temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) every day, all day long. Not only that, offices, malls, libraries, subways, buses, taxis all have fantastic AC units. Three years ago, 50,000 Hong Kong residents tried a “Turn off the AC Night” to be green, but the heat and noise made that night unbearable and if anything it only affirmed their addiction to AC. (You can read more about it here if you are interested). AC is such a mainstay in HK culture that there is a term for an item of clothing you always carry with you because you don’t want to freeze in an AC room – the AC Jacket (which is basically a cardigan). Walking down the streets you may feel a warm wet drops falling on your head. No big deal. It’s not someone’s sweat, just AC condensation!

Moving to San Diego was a little traumatic for me. Not only was it sunny all the time, our home had no AC. Thankfully most of the year San Diego hovers around 72 degrees and our home had tile floors which helped cool down our home during the warmer summer months. Here in the Bay Area, call me crazy, but it gets so much hotter here than in SD! Since being married, Tim has drawn my attention to my inordinate love for AC. On a hot day I will blast the AC and put my face next to a vent while we drive around town. I know I look like a canine, but I have no shame. It feels good. Perhaps the biggest joy of traveling is staying in a hotel getting AC all to yourself. I love a room at 68 but my husband tells me I’m crazy and mutters something about how I’m part penguin. He would keep it at 72 it were up to him which to me is room temperature water. “We are paying good money for this room! The least they can do is run the AC!!” After many button pushing negotiations, we usually settle at 70. I usually find myself on top of the sheets in the morning while Tim is bundled like a post-mortem Egyptian royal inches away. They don’t tell you about compromising your ideals regarding temperature in pre-marital class! You have been warned.

Today is going to be a scorcher. But to be green, I am not going to run the AC at home by myself (this is a big deal for a HK girl), I’m going to go for a swim with a friend, see my eye doctor and maybe go get a pedicure because my feet are in need of some TLC after constant sandal wearing this summer (#summerfirstworldproblems). I am tempted to write about my favorite heat avoiding strategies but this laptop is cooking my thighs. Stay cool. Stay classy.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts about Heat and AC

  1. You better not visit us right now…it’s 100+ degrees in WC and we refuse to turn on the AC. At least yesterday was only a high of 86 in the house. Working from home during a heat wave…booo!

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