Downton Abbey Marathon


My favorite British TV family.

When January 2013 rolled around, I was SO EXCITED to watch the upcoming season of Downton Abbey. Before I started the series, I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it because I don’t have the most sophisticated taste in TV shows or movies. Often when my friends are talking about the intricate plot lines of Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Mad Men, I am trying to predict who the bachelorette will pick as the final four for the hometown dates. Upon reflection, I think I am attracted to Downton for some of the same reasons I like the Bachelor/Bachelorette. 

  • I like following multiple love stories (Anna and Bates, Lord and Lady Grantham, Mary and Matthew, Sybil and Branson)
  • I have a penchant for drama (Mary)
  • I am amused by petty girl bickering (Cousin Isobel and Cousin Violet)
  • I like a good villain (Thank you Thomas)

To compare the two any more than that would be sacrilege so I’ll stop there. 

I have gotten quite behind in watching season 3 of Downton Abbey because it started up again in the throes of the school year. Not only that, it would air on Sunday Nights at 9pm which is far too late for me to start anything meaningful. One of my summer must-do’s was to watch the entire third season. I had rented a copy from the library and it’s due tomorrow so I did what any reasonable person would do: I watched Downton Abbey from 9pm to 5pm. Though I am glad that I finally got around to it, I am feeling a little sad about the futility of life and a little freaked out about eclampsia. 

Now I must console myself with some ice cream and the Bachelorette. 



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