Summer in Numbers

July 2011 I found this cool web service called iDonethis.


Every day at 8pm I get an email from them asking me what I did that day. And ever since July 20, 2011 I have a record of what I did every single day! I totally understand may strike others as being mundane, OCD or fascinating… but I personally love the calendary record. I can also look at my word cloud to see a visual of my day to day unproductivity:


(Very illuminating that “sleep” and “nap” make it in top activities in my life.)

Now that school has started, I wanted to do a tribute to the wonderful summer of 2013. Thanks to iDonethis, I got to see what really went down this summer!  World, I would like to check the box EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS for this summer. I am truly grateful for the chance to relax. I know that not every job has a built in sabbatical where you can regain the sanity you had lost in the ten months you were working and do some self-care. I am also grateful to my husband who genuinely smiled and said “GREAT!!” when I told him all I did that day was sit on the couch today and read Harry Potter and watch International House Hunters. (This is no exaggeration when I say that my husband is the most productive person I know in the world so his ardent support meant so much.)

Here’s a summary of my summer in numbers:

  • 1 room painted
  • 5 craft projects started AND completed
  • 28 xfit classes
  • 4 trips to the Container Store (this store more than Nordstroms has been my wallet’s Achilles heel this summer)
  • 4 books read (yes, they were all HP)
  • 1 play read
  • 6 times I went to get a burger (it’s my new obsession)
  • 9 times I went out for brunch
  • 21 dates with girl friends over coffee, tv, hanging out at home, getting brunch
  • parties hosted for 5+ people
  • number of ikea pieces assembled
  • doctor visits (all check ups for my teeth, eyes and body)
  • new pair of glasses 😎

Boredom Diversion Strategies

Yesterday afternoon I found myself sitting in a training bored to tears. I have to confess that I try hard to be a good student in these trainings and engage but yesterday was a bad day for several reasons:

  1. I had already spent two weeks last year going over the material we covered that afternoon so my neurons were seriously lacking any desire to fire.
  2. It was after lunch.
  3. We were going over a hand out. Basically the trainer was reading the handout to us which one can imagine, was incredibly stimulating.

Usually on the off chance that I am bored, I have my routine:

  • Scroll through fb until I reread something
  • repeat the process with Instagram
  • check email on Mailbox and archive, delete and save until I am content with the number of emails in my inbox
  • read news on my cnn, nytimes or npr app
  • play 5 games of Candy Crush
  • text Tim
  • eat a snack

Unfortunately I could not employ my usual boredom coping strategies because we had talked about being mindful about technology use during our norming section of the day and I had eaten all of my snacks I had packed for the day. I had to resort to my backup plan.

Paper and pencil diversion activities.

Here are some things I did yesterday:


 Listing all 50 states. This is my go to activity.


Once I was done with that, I started brainstorming what I wanted to put on my Bachelorette Bingo Board.

These are especially wonderful because it looks like you are taking notes. I think this beats doodling because if you have to think really hard about which M-state you are leaving out (I always forget Minnesota) your eyebrows may furrow which adds to the façade of engagement. Other mental diversions I have done in the past include state capitals and NFL teams. I have tried MLB and NBA teams but usually I can’t name more than 10 teams in each league which makes for a pretty sad mental game.

Here is the final product of my Bachelorette Bingo Board!


The last day of summer

Today is my last day of summer.

Next week: mentor teacher training and inservice
The week after: more inservice and the first day of school

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel today:


Time is running out. Someone save me because I will turn into a beast for life (10 months).

Today will be brought to you by the word YOLO. I want to…

  • eat lunch somewhere and drink something fancy (this is what my coworker calls the F you lunch – when teachers enjoy a 2 hour lunch, preferably with double fisting thrown in there….while people hurry back to work because during the year teachers never eat out during lunch)
  • maybe get a massage? (though I am bruised from yesterday’s Inman Mile attempt not sure if I want to pay for pain)
  • finish up a little craft project
  • do some laundry
  • finish HP – The Goblet of Fire (I’m 100 pages away!)
  • go to crossfit
  • make my bed

3…2….1….. GO.

6. Take a shot. No mixers. No ice. No chasers. – DONE.

The night I turned 21, my roommates took me to TGIF so I could order my very first drink. I remember feeling so cool, naughty and a wee anxious.  At the time, I  had not acquired a taste for alcohol (in fact I found it to taste terrible) but I was twenty ONE and I just HAD TO.  So I did what any weenie would do and ordered myself the most Jamba Juicey item on the drink menu – Strawberry Daiquiri (for the first and last time ever). Thankfully my roommates were not about to let me get away with my juice in the sippy cup, they ordered me a Kamikaze. I obliged. That was my first and last “shot.”

Fast forward to June 2013 when a friend had his birthday party at St. George Spirits – a beautiful distillery in Alameda. After an awesome tour we went into the tasting room where we were going to not have one shot but SEVEN of their gins, whiskey, vodkas, bourbon, brandies and absinthe (okay it wasn’t a full one ounce portion for each but the sum of the parts must have been!) The very nice man behind the counter educated us on how to properly taste liquor:

  1. Do not swirl. (this causes the something something in the liquor to react to the air too much)
  2. Do not sniff. (this will do nothing for your perception of the liquor. this may just burn your nose hairs)
  3. Do not swish in your mouth. (see #1)
  4. Breathe in. Drink. Breathe out. (the taste of the liquor is best enjoyed as you breathe out and take in the bouquet of flavors)

These rules were life-changing! Armed with this information, I proceeded to taste, taste and taste and was able to actually discern flavors instead of feeling like I was just sanitizing my GI tract. Though this tasting was enjoyable, I am too cheap to add this to the regular rotation of drinks. Me wants more volume pulease!


This must have been earlier in the tasting because my face is still flesh colored.


Look ma! We both are wearing highlighter shorts!