6. Take a shot. No mixers. No ice. No chasers. – DONE.

The night I turned 21, my roommates took me to TGIF so I could order my very first drink. I remember feeling so cool, naughty and a wee anxious.  At the time, I  had not acquired a taste for alcohol (in fact I found it to taste terrible) but I was twenty ONE and I just HAD TO.  So I did what any weenie would do and ordered myself the most Jamba Juicey item on the drink menu – Strawberry Daiquiri (for the first and last time ever). Thankfully my roommates were not about to let me get away with my juice in the sippy cup, they ordered me a Kamikaze. I obliged. That was my first and last “shot.”

Fast forward to June 2013 when a friend had his birthday party at St. George Spirits – a beautiful distillery in Alameda. After an awesome tour we went into the tasting room where we were going to not have one shot but SEVEN of their gins, whiskey, vodkas, bourbon, brandies and absinthe (okay it wasn’t a full one ounce portion for each but the sum of the parts must have been!) The very nice man behind the counter educated us on how to properly taste liquor:

  1. Do not swirl. (this causes the something something in the liquor to react to the air too much)
  2. Do not sniff. (this will do nothing for your perception of the liquor. this may just burn your nose hairs)
  3. Do not swish in your mouth. (see #1)
  4. Breathe in. Drink. Breathe out. (the taste of the liquor is best enjoyed as you breathe out and take in the bouquet of flavors)

These rules were life-changing! Armed with this information, I proceeded to taste, taste and taste and was able to actually discern flavors instead of feeling like I was just sanitizing my GI tract. Though this tasting was enjoyable, I am too cheap to add this to the regular rotation of drinks. Me wants more volume pulease!


This must have been earlier in the tasting because my face is still flesh colored.


Look ma! We both are wearing highlighter shorts!


7 thoughts on “6. Take a shot. No mixers. No ice. No chasers. – DONE.

  1. haha, that reminds me what terrible options we had for food/drink in the UCSD vicinity.

    i didn’t know those are called “highlighter” shorts. I wonder if this trend will have an unintentional (or is this intentional?) effect on pedestrian safety.

  2. I once refused a shot shortly after my 21st birthday. Apparently that was a huge fox paw. And as it turns out we’re not friends anymore. Ah, peer pressure.

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