The last day of summer

Today is my last day of summer.

Next week: mentor teacher training and inservice
The week after: more inservice and the first day of school

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel today:


Time is running out. Someone save me because I will turn into a beast for life (10 months).

Today will be brought to you by the word YOLO. I want to…

  • eat lunch somewhere and drink something fancy (this is what my coworker calls the F you lunch – when teachers enjoy a 2 hour lunch, preferably with double fisting thrown in there….while people hurry back to work because during the year teachers never eat out during lunch)
  • maybe get a massage? (though I am bruised from yesterday’s Inman Mile attempt not sure if I want to pay for pain)
  • finish up a little craft project
  • do some laundry
  • finish HP – The Goblet of Fire (I’m 100 pages away!)
  • go to crossfit
  • make my bed

3…2….1….. GO.


2 thoughts on “The last day of summer

  1. How is your YOLO going?? HP, definitely worth it. Keep going even when in beast mode! I’ve been loving reading summertime Candy!! Maybe Thanksgiving Candy and Christmas-time Candy can make an appearance too? 😀

  2. Does the end of summer mean no more “Summer Candy?” I think I speak for all of your loyal readers when I say, “I hope not!”

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