Boredom Diversion Strategies

Yesterday afternoon I found myself sitting in a training bored to tears. I have to confess that I try hard to be a good student in these trainings and engage but yesterday was a bad day for several reasons:

  1. I had already spent two weeks last year going over the material we covered that afternoon so my neurons were seriously lacking any desire to fire.
  2. It was after lunch.
  3. We were going over a hand out. Basically the trainer was reading the handout to us which one can imagine, was incredibly stimulating.

Usually on the off chance that I am bored, I have my routine:

  • Scroll through fb until I reread something
  • repeat the process with Instagram
  • check email on Mailbox and archive, delete and save until I am content with the number of emails in my inbox
  • read news on my cnn, nytimes or npr app
  • play 5 games of Candy Crush
  • text Tim
  • eat a snack

Unfortunately I could not employ my usual boredom coping strategies because we had talked about being mindful about technology use during our norming section of the day and I had eaten all of my snacks I had packed for the day. I had to resort to my backup plan.

Paper and pencil diversion activities.

Here are some things I did yesterday:


 Listing all 50 states. This is my go to activity.


Once I was done with that, I started brainstorming what I wanted to put on my Bachelorette Bingo Board.

These are especially wonderful because it looks like you are taking notes. I think this beats doodling because if you have to think really hard about which M-state you are leaving out (I always forget Minnesota) your eyebrows may furrow which adds to the façade of engagement. Other mental diversions I have done in the past include state capitals and NFL teams. I have tried MLB and NBA teams but usually I can’t name more than 10 teams in each league which makes for a pretty sad mental game.

Here is the final product of my Bachelorette Bingo Board!



6 thoughts on “Boredom Diversion Strategies

  1. Bwahahahaha yes…teachers are the worst at being students! Why do presenters insist on reading handouts/ppts to us? If we were in training together, you know what we could draw all over each others’ notes…

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