Summer in Numbers

July 2011 I found this cool web service called iDonethis.


Every day at 8pm I get an email from them asking me what I did that day. And ever since July 20, 2011 I have a record of what I did every single day! I totally understand may strike others as being mundane, OCD or fascinating… but I personally love the calendary record. I can also look at my word cloud to see a visual of my day to day unproductivity:


(Very illuminating that “sleep” and “nap” make it in top activities in my life.)

Now that school has started, I wanted to do a tribute to the wonderful summer of 2013. Thanks to iDonethis, I got to see what really went down this summer!  World, I would like to check the box EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS for this summer. I am truly grateful for the chance to relax. I know that not every job has a built in sabbatical where you can regain the sanity you had lost in the ten months you were working and do some self-care. I am also grateful to my husband who genuinely smiled and said “GREAT!!” when I told him all I did that day was sit on the couch today and read Harry Potter and watch International House Hunters. (This is no exaggeration when I say that my husband is the most productive person I know in the world so his ardent support meant so much.)

Here’s a summary of my summer in numbers:

  • 1 room painted
  • 5 craft projects started AND completed
  • 28 xfit classes
  • 4 trips to the Container Store (this store more than Nordstroms has been my wallet’s Achilles heel this summer)
  • 4 books read (yes, they were all HP)
  • 1 play read
  • 6 times I went to get a burger (it’s my new obsession)
  • 9 times I went out for brunch
  • 21 dates with girl friends over coffee, tv, hanging out at home, getting brunch
  • parties hosted for 5+ people
  • number of ikea pieces assembled
  • doctor visits (all check ups for my teeth, eyes and body)
  • new pair of glasses 😎

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