Month Three

Dear Wes,

As you will one day notice, this post was not published on June 2 but 10 days later than your actual 3 month birthday. (Right now you are being the absolute sweetest by staring intently into your hand as I type away. See below. At the moment, we are also enjoying a 4 adult to 1 baby ratio which means I can get some solid laptop time.)



A friend told me that she once heard someone confess that they didn’t love their kid until month three. I was slightly aghast when I heard this, but now I TOTALLY get it. Not that I didn’t love you before (I even have newsletters one and two to prove to you that I did), but the love grows exponentially. Something about you smiling and responding to us makes the WORLD of a difference. Your dad and I are feeling less like a cow (obviously this only refers to me) slash zoo keeper and more like parents.

This past month I have been somewhat of an absentee mom. Your mom’s bestie is getting married so there was a flurry of pre-wedding festivities that took me away from you for the first time since your birth. Whenever I told people this, they would either be appalled or impressed. It would have been an agonizing prospect to leave you had it not been for the fact that I was leaving you with your dad. Your dad was nothing short of amazing as he fed, clothed and played with you while I was gone. One of the things I was looking forward to as a new parent, was actually seeing your dad transform into a father. Wes you will be glad to know that he has risen above and beyond the challenge. Before you, he would be the guy that would never hold babies. He would never like facebook statuses about kids. When I would share a cute baby video he would ask at the end, “Is that it?”

Nowadays it is a complete 180. Not only does he jump at every chance to hold you, he loves holding other babies! He can also talk baby gear, baby sleep schedules and baby feeding with the best of them. But perhaps one of my favorite things I get to witness is hearing him talk to you.

The way he talks to you reminds me of Zeek Braverman – always referring to you as “son.”

“Hi son!”

“Why are you so angry son?”

“Son, Daddy’s going to do some front squats at crossfit today! I’ll see you in an hour!”

“I love you son!”

I love hearing him call you son because it connotes that you belong to him. And maybe it’s also because I’ve never heard him say that word before in quite that way. He loves you so much because you are his. Which is fantastic because you will always be his.

You will always be ours.

I love you son.






Milestones (and health snapshot)

  • Last week at the doctors you weighed in at 13 lbs 3 oz. Way to go!
  • Yesterday (on your 100 day bday) you discovered that your hands can be toys! You still haven’t figured out the “joy” of sucking your thumb, so you just stick your fist on your lips and lick it like it’s an ice cream cone. Sometimes you miss and you hold your fist to your forehead and lick the air. If it was any other kid, I’d probably think it was pathetic. But on you, it’s the cutest thing in the world.
  • You are now wearing size 1 Diapers though are needing so size up very soon! You have quite the generous booty. Not going to say who you got this from. -__-
  • 3 month old clothes are snug. You fit into 6 mos clothes but they’re a little long for you.
  • Your longest stretch between feedings happened last night! You ate at 6:30 and slept shortly after until 2:30 am. EIGHT HOURS. Holy moly. We had no idea what to do with you. We stayed up until midnight ready to feed you the moment you woke up. After midnight we decided “Gosh, it looks like he’s really going to sleep! Time for us to go to bed!” ….Only to wake up 2 hours later with you. Womp. Womp. Womp.
  • I think your natural bedtime is around 7pm. We don’t really know what happened. You just eat and then sleep and don’t wake up for a really long time around this time. This is your longest stretch! It seems like our days of taking you to Tacolicious at 8pm on a Friday night are numbered because you definitely need a somewhat sleep conducive environment to sleep.
  • Still dealing with cradle cap. (Thankfully it’s now just on the cap and not on the face) Experiencing some success with Mustela products. I’m still undecided whether I find the smell intoxicating or weird.
  • Still dealing with eczema. Experiencing some success with the combo of Aveno Eczema Care, Hydrocortisone and Aquaphor.


  • Attention! You used to be okay lounging around by your lonesome. Now it seems like you prefer the company of others! You love it when we talk to you, sing you random songs and give you Aquaphor massages. When we leave you, you start saying “eh! eh!” Which in Wes-ese means “Parents. Get your lazy butt over here and talk to me.”
  • Car rides
  • Being worn by mommy or daddy
  • Cuddles. You are all about the cuddles.


  • Tummy Time. You used to not mind Tummy Time, now you hate it. Yesterday you laid on your tummy, whimpered and tears started streaming down your cheeks. After every tummy time, we put you on your back and you have to whimper for at least 30 seconds after it’s over just to let us know how AWFUL it was to exercise. (You must get this from me.)
  • Having a dirty diaper. This is new. You used to be somewhat like an animal and not mind sitting in your own fifth for hours. Now when you do your smelly business, you grunt and arch your back to avoid unnecessary contact with your diaper. It makes me happy that you have a sense of hygiene.


  • Little Man (Tim & Candy)
  • Buddy (Tim)
  • Son (Mostly Tim, sometimes Candy)
  • Honey Bunches of Oats (All Candy)
  • Baby Boy (Tim & Candy)
  • Baby Wes (Everyone seems to call you th)is
  • “Little Piggy” in Cantonese (Grandma Lam)

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