Month Four

Dear Wes,

Hi my sweet baby. In the last month you experienced your first road trip to San Diego, your first wedding and your first cold. What a month.

I am pretty sure our road trip to San Diego will be the smoothest one of your life because we made it up on a Saturday afternoon in about 6 hours and 40 minutes counting the one McD’s stop somewhere near Buttonwillow. Unreal! We couldn’t even make that trip in that time before kids. Anyway I was not driving so I will choose to be oblivious to how fast your father was driving. If you are fed and dry, there is no end to your content-ness in a car seat. I get it. I’m the same way. Something about the hum of the car makes for the best naps. Unfortunately the down side of this is that no one likes road tripping with us because we are the worst company ever. So Wes when you are old enough to go on a road trip with friends, be sure to pitch in for gas and buy the driver lots of snacks as a peace offering.

photo1 (3)


Last month I alluded to you enjoying the company of others. This only has grown since! You love it when people talk to you. You look at them like you’re having a conversation with them and then add in your two cents when the conversation breaks. Your dad actually talks back to you in your baby talk. It’s really sweet. This month you started being interested in toys! I don’t know why I had an aversion to getting you toys. Something about the bright clashing colors and the noises made me want to avoid them as long as possible! That is until I brought you over to a friend’s house and played with his Kick and Play Piano



The way your face LIT up when you realized your kicking produced music was the best! I had to use every ounce of restraint to not buy it on Amazon Prime 10 seconds later on my phone. (I figured it won’t be long until you will be sitting up so I needed to think about toys that would grow with you). I have tried to recreate this toy by mentally assigning notes to parts of my body. So when you would kick my arm I would sing “Do,”  if you kicked my chest that would be “Re,” and if you kicked my chest that would be “Mi.” I’m not really sure why you weren’t as into the human Kick and Play… I’ll ask you about this later when you have words.

Getting stuff done around the house has been a little bit trickier now that you are awake longer during the day. It seems as though you are a different sleeper than you were 2 months ago. Gone are the days of us watching TV at full volume while you are napping next to us for 2 hours. If you had it your way, you would have one of us hold you until you are in deep sleep and then have us put you down in your crib. But alas, this is not sustainable every time you need to nap or go down at night. We have been trying to teach you how to fall asleep on your own. So far you are doing great! I am the one that needs to be sleep trained more than anything. I thought that I would be all about The Schedule and letting you Cry It Out. Well it turns out I’m a big softie and cuddling with you is a lot more fun than laundry.

Our home is a little messier, dinners are later but our hearts are fuller and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you to the moon baby boy,


  • We are officially out of size 1 diapers and onto size 2!
  • Current sleeping thing: Go to bed between 7-8pm. Wake up to eat around 12:30-1:00am. Sleep until 6:00am. We’ll take it! Your doctor thinks that since you wake up itching yourself, that may be contributing to you not getting as long of a stretch as you can. I am adding Cerave and Sarna lotion to your skin routine to see if this makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Your first cold happened this past week which coincided with your 4 month immunizations! You started having this cough and then your appetite just took a nose dive. It’s bad when a Sohn doesn’t eat. I kept reminding you that getting sick is a part of life and we are getting a head start on our Memory B-Cell collection! Not sure whether that knowledge made you feel better… but at least you are exposed to high school Biology at the ripe age of 4 months!
  • You weigh 14 lbs 3 oz and are 25 inches long!
  • Tummy time is slowly getting better! We have been using the boppy to help you along.




  • Eczema still sucks.
  • Cradle Cap is getting old. We are completely over it. Overactive oil glands: Please go away.
  • 3 month old clothes is uncomfortably tight. We are now onto the baggier look of 6 month clothes.


  • Aquaphor massages
  • TV -__- In the last 2 weeks, we have noticed that you will turn your head and stare at the TV if it’s on! Tim always says “He’s your son!!” I definitely watched A LOT of TV growing up. Did my nurture turn into my nature?
  • Your new Activity Mat
  • Playing peek a boo
  • Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Little Bird (We love this album!) 




  • Being burped (because it means that you cannot eat for 30 seconds)
  • When mommy and daddy are on their laptops and ignore you

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