Holy cow.

For those of you who know my husband, you know that he is extremeWhen he pursues something, there is no stopping him. A few notable examples:

  1. When Tim was learning how to cook, his first cookbook was The Ad Hoc Cookbook. There was a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich in there which in any other cookbook would be an innocuous recipe. Well… Chef Tim Sohn Keller made a brioche loaf to make his grilled cheese. It was a 2 day ordeal.
  2. Crossfit. Tim ruptured his Achilles tendon doing box jumps. He underwent surgery and stayed away for a couple weeks… but decided to go back to crossfit after a month (while he was still on crutches) because I quote, “My upper body feels fine!!!!!”
  3. Photography. Tim got a DSLR and started playing around with taking pictures. Six months later, in the last year of his PhD, while writing his thesis, he decides to intern for a wedding photography studio and start his own business.

Well Timtensity has struck again. He (or we I guess) bought a quarter of a cow from a farm.

cow(This is not the actual cow. I just found an image to drive the point home)

This is what a quarter of a cow looks like after it is butchered, aged and frozen:

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.06.39 PMAt the top right corner of this picture you can see our deep freezer. This deep freezer was supposed to be for Wes. Well Wes’ milk. I was planning on hoarding my milk to prepare for my return to work. Well since that’s not happening, Tim suggested we repurpose our deep freezer for other noble causes.

Needless to say, this is a lot of meat and we’re pretty much good for the next oh… 2+ years. I decided I start a cooking series on based on cooking through 145 pounds of beef. I’m still thinking of a fun name for this series. Hopefully I can think of something better than Hella Beef.

There have been lots of questions surrounding this endeavor that have been brought up.

  • What farm did you use?
  • Which part of the cow did you get?
  • How much is it to buy a cow?
  • Did you get to pick the cow? Did you see a picture?
  • What did you get in your haul?
  • Are you seriously going to eat all of that?

If there are any other questions you’d like us to answer, leave a comment on fb or below! We’ll get back to you on our next post.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast.


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