Month Seven


Photo Credit: Auntie Tina Photography, 2014

[This month I invited Wesley to be my guest blogger.]

Thank you for inviting me to blog! I appreciate the acknowledgement that even though I don’t say anything remotely intelligible, it does not mean I do not have profound thoughts running through my 80+% head.

Dear ______,

Sorry, I don’t really know your name. I know it’s been over seven months that we’ve been living together (you insist that it’s 16 months but whatever, I don’t remember seeing much during that time). It’s definitely gotten to the point in our relationship where so much time has passed, it would be painfully awkward to ask you what your name really is. Thankfully I’ve never really have had an occasion to say your name because you are always following me around. I wake up and you are there. I eat and you are there. I run errands, and you are on the other side of the car listening to Taylor Swift. Heck I can’t even take a poop without you pantsing me within minutes (This is especially embarrassing when you do this in public places. In front of my friends. Even the girls.) The only time you will leave me alone is if I take a nap or go down for the night. What is really puzzling is that when I wake up from my 35 minute nap or anytime before 7 am, you groan like you’re unhappy to see me. Excuse me? Who is the one who won’t leave me alone during the day?

Thinking back on this past month, I would have to say my favorite thing has been hitting up the gym. Gymboree that is. It’s nice seeing other people my age and hanging out together to get a break from just hanging out with our grownups. My favorite thing is this thing they called the Air Log.



It’s this awesome contraption that rocks back and forth. The point of it is to maintain good tummy time posture while the log moves underneath me. As this picture shows, I am kinda awesome at it. Look at that vertical my double chin is getting. My buddy next to me is in awe. Who can blame him? (Hey bro, you gotta lock out those arms.)

Foam Shapes

My second favorite gym activity is when they bust out the foam shapes. We all make a grab for them and stuff our faces with them. Sometimes we take them from each other and then grownups say “Shaaaaare.” I never really hear this word at home. I think it’s what you’re supposed to say to someone else when you take their stuff.

Another fun thing this past month is all the new things I’ve gotten to try. I think when I decided to sit up and grow some teeth, it gave me the license to eat other things. (Don’t get me wrong. I still love milk. There’s nothing like warm milk that makes me go omnomnom.) But when I want something to cleanse my milky palate, it’s been nice to be offered some fresh local fruits and vegetables cubes zapped in the microwave. So far my favorites have been butternut squash, carrots, apricots, peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears and bananas. A non favorite of mine is green beans. Blech!!


I hate green beans. Despite my obvious distaste for them, I know you sometimes you hide them amidst other vegetables. Because I don’t want to offend my personal chef, I often oblige. May I suggest hiding them in ice cream? I hear that’s a winning pairing.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Hugs and drooly kisses to all,


[back to Candy blogging]


  • Weight – 17.8 lbs (home scale approximation)
  • Sitting up! We think that bringing him to Gymboree actually accelerated this milestone as he saw everyone else around him sitting and crawling. hahaah he was shamed into sitting!




  • Longest sleeping stretch 6:15 pm to 7am. Hallefreakinglujah. I definitely do not claim to have any idea on how to replicate this with any consistency but will be more than happy to share my experience in a future blog post to provide fodder for discussion or encouragement to the sleepyheaded parents.
  • But long sleeping stretches mean shorter naps all day long. Crap. I am realizing that I need to get to bed a lot earlier so that I can spend all day playing with Wes.
  • We have 2 teeth making their way through! They are definitely visible! We are now regretting the teaching Wes the game of letting him gum our fingers now that those gums have very very sharp incisors attached to them.


  • Tags. Babies love tags!! This toy is currently getting so much love in our household:




  • Pooping – When we started solids, it naturally made his poops solid. Wes was not into pooping solids. There is this relaxation that needs to happen before pooping. Well when you are scared of pooping and clench, it only leads to discomfort and trauma when trying to poop. There was definitely an afternoon on the changing table when I was holding his legs while he was crying, tears streaming down his face and pooping while I yelled “Push!! Push!!” TBT to labor and delivery!

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