Month Nine

9monthsDear Wes,

Hello sweet guy! Happy 9.99 months to you!

(Mommy blogging procrastination really hit the fan this time, but my very subjective logic tells me that as long as you are not really 10 months yet, which is tomorrow, I am not late.)

This has been such a crazy month in your life. To sum things up in numbers…

  • 5 flights
  • 3 countries visited (Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong)
  • Hugged 1 Great Great Grandma, 2 Great Grandmas, 1 Great Grandpa and many Granduncles and Grandaunties
  • 3 shots (flu x 2, pre-trip mmr)
  • 162 diaper changes
  • 2 episodes of hives  -__-
  • Rode on subways, trains, taxis, minivans, planes and buses

One day I will regale you with stories of how you would charm flight attendants and passengers like a cheesy car salesman, but my favorite flying memory has been this picture of you:


We are flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and it was 3am PST and they turned on the lights to force feed us breakfast. You popped up from your bassinet and gave us this precious face.

This month we got into our first fight. I was on my way to Palo Alto to run some errands and somewhere along the 15 minute drive you pulled your car seat sunshade down to cover your face. I was not a fan of this because it blocks my rear view mirror view of you. (Which is incredibly valuable when trying to figure out if you had fallen asleep). During a stop light, I reached back and pulled your sunshade up so I could see you. Five seconds later you pulled it down again! We went back and forth: me pulling up, you pulling down… part of me was just amused at the whole situation and wanted to see how long you would play. Well I found out you are quite persistent. We kept fighting until we reached our destination and when I came around to get you, this was the silly face I got:


You totally know.

The naughtiness has begun.

I know at this age you must just feel like Mommy and Daddy are just killjoys. In addition to pulling up sunshades, we take away your favorite teething toys (read: pulling wires out of your mouth), scoot you away from ledges, cup sharp corners with our hands, wipe your poopy butt 5-7 times a day, make you go to bed and suck boogers from you nose. These days you get the angriest about the butt wipes and booger vacuuming. Son. This is only the beginning. One day you will get angry about curfews, computer time, chores, homework and eating your vegetables. We kinda think it’s cute that you get so angry at us. Lately I have been snarking back at you saying things like “Sorry for clearing your nasal passages SO YOU CAN BREATHE.” (You usually just look at me like I’m crazy and then proceed to complain). I am going to join the cliché chorus of many parents before me and boggle at how parenting your own child makes you marvel at God’s love for us. Even though you and I pretty much get into an MMA fight every time I change your diaper, I will not stop doing it because it’s good for you. And yes in a perfect world I wish you would burp rainbows and giggles every time I changed your diaper, but regardless of his perception of the matter, I am committed to keeping his butt clean. Yes there are times (so many times) parenting is so exhausting, draining and life-sucking. But even in those moments, you never want to stop giving your kid good things. I hope I remember this more often this year. One day I hope you will know the love of your Heavenly Father and how He has given you everything. Then we can laugh at how silly we must look fighting the “diaper changes” in our lives.



  • 19 lbs (You are heavier, but you look skinnier. Please share your secret.)
  • Baby Puberty Hit Big Time. In a span of 12 days you crawled, pulled up to a stand, cruised, popped out your top two teeth and sprouted your first chest hair. Okay one of those may not be true. But everything else is true! Parenting is all hands on deck now.
  • Favorite Words: Dada (everything is Dada), “T” (the consonant sound), Ah-Da (we think she’s your girlfriend), AHHHHHHHH, EHHHHHHHH,
  • Clothing Size: 9 month-12 month clothes fit the best
  • Latest sleep thing: We are a officially down to two naps a day with you still doing a big 11-12 hour chunk at night.
  • 4 teeth. And the top two are really gappy. It’s kinda cute.

Toy of the Month


I don’t understand the magic of these things, but I am just rolling with it. I have gotten really good at stacking them and nesting them quickly. My trick is to remember that it goes by stoplight colors and then blue!

Current Nickname

Little Man Man


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