Mooooo (a reprise)

You may know that Tim and I bought a quarter cow from a ranch last year. I had bought a deep freezer with the intent of hoarding breastmilk for Wes for when I returned to work. Well since I decided to take some time off from teaching,  we thought there’s no better way to make use of our freezer than to fill it to the brim with BEEF.

For months we worked through our cow. A pot roast here, some burgers there, some more steaks here… I dreaded each meal with our cow. It tasted unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The flavor was so strong, gamey and lean I started a conspiracy theory that we had bought buffalo and this was all one big labeling mishap! I didn’t want to hurt Tim’s feelings so I didn’t’ make a big deal out of it (at least I thought I didn’t), but I really hated the taste of the cow. Steak nights were the worst because there was no place to hide and there was just so much to eat. I remember holding my breath to swallow each bite hoping I had made a dent in the steak.

Several months later, we get an email from the ranch asking how our experience was with our cow because the other person that shared the cow with us complained that their cow tasted really strong too! YASSSSS. I WAS RIGHT. IT WAS WEIRD!!!  I’ve never felt such validation in my life! The ranch said please don’t eat anymore of the weird cow, bring it back! We’ll give you another quarter! So here we are again. With our freezer filled to the brim with another quarter cow!

Next time I will share my favorite ground beef recipe! Stay tuned.

(Sorry to all of our friends who may have been fed said weird cow. Thanks for grinning and politely ingesting the weird cow. We will make it up to you with normal cow.)


On not being a tech fogey…

One of my favorite teacher discipline moments was when I caught a student playing Guess the Word on his phone during class. I creeped up behind him and whispered “I know the answer to that.” He handed me the phone and I punched in the correct word (of course) and put his phone in my pocket and said “See you after school.”

Being a high school teacher meant that I was always surrounded by kids who were “tech” savvy. (Quotes are there because though they may be amazing at making videos, taking selfies and sharing music, they would be a deer caught in headlights if you asked them to create a two column Word document.) I would always know the latest hashtags, the newest social media app and the best people to follow. Now that I spend most of my time out of the classroom with a little human that has yet to have his own phone, I am more than a little out of the loop.

This realization really came to a head when I downloaded Snapchat a year ago when I saw my sister always on it. When I first heard about it, I thought OMG GROSS. An app that allows you to send pictures that magically go away in seconds? Clearly everyone is using it only to send nudes. Though I felt like an overreactive parent, I thought my concerns were legitimate. Why would you not fb, or instagram or tweet a picture! Obviously you want it to go away because it must be naughty.

I would take a few pics and send it to a few people but I didn’t get it. There were no pretty filters, no fancy bokeh and most of all no hastags. Just a silly text box with a MS paint tool that is so tacky. And in all honesty, I was a complete noob at it. I kept taking pictures of the floor/ceiling… could not swipe the right way… kept clicking on the wrong thing… I felt like a fogey. I thought “I cannot do one more thing! I can’t remember one more username and password!!” And just like that I became my parents.

I realized I cannot give up this quickly! Wes is only 17 months. If I can’t figure out snapchat, I will be hopeless when he’s 17 years old. Enter my attempt to get with it. Two days in, I am really loving it.


Quick impressions:

  • Time and Space Saver. It’s nice to not open a camera, open a text, attach a picture and then hit send to share a moment. eg. I love seeing what people eat for meals… I don’t like it enough to take up phone space.
  • Feeling connected. I love sharing mundane moments. With Instagram and Facebook, I feel the need to be “editorial” – take a good picture, write a good caption, create a witty hashtag. I also don’t want to overshare. I also wonder if my friends are sick of seeing my baby.
  • No likes or hearts or comments. As we all know these things can be double-edged swords.
  • Kaitlyn and Shawn are freaking cute on Snapchat. Add them. Snapbackbean / Shawn_Booth Add them.

Let’s be friends!!



Month Eleven


Dear Wes,

Happy Eleven Months big guy! Let’s first talk about this couch that you are sitting on. It’s not the couch we normally sit you on for these monthly portraits. In fact, we’re not in the same room, zip code or even city. We packed up the home we brought you home to, bought a new one and sold our first home all in a month.


Escrow Day! (Look at how happy we are to be in debt!)

Since this post is not entitled “Our Homebuying Story” or “The Masochists: Moving with a Baby” or even “How to Pack” (That post would be easy. Don’t. Hire packers. The end.) this post is going to be all about you.. and how oblivious you were to all of this.


This was happening while I was trying to pack up our bathroom. Worth it. All day. Errrrday.

One of the great things about having you around is that there is a rhythm to our days. You are blissfully unaware of the craziness of buying/selling a home. You just did your thang*. There were so many moments that I would think about all that I had to pack, all the places I had to clean and all the preparation that needed to go into making our home seem like a pristine model home (not to mention all the feels about moving)… and these thoughts triggered fantasies of being in bed with a margarita, kleenex box and a TV running a Friends marathon. Had you not been here, I would have been a mess. Having you around was like having a very blunt friend shake you and slap your face while saying “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. NOW WIPE MY ASS.”

Thanks for teaching me that it’s okay to hang out and play. You could not care less about the piles of laundry or dishes,… you just want someone to laugh with when you wiggle the door spring for the 20th time. In the midst of a move, those times we spent hanging out getting nothing done were so good for my soul. I always thought that it would be my job to care of you but in your little baby way, you really took care of me this month. You are turning my world upside down and I could not be more grateful for it. And for you.



*thang – eat, poop, play, sleep