On not being a tech fogey…

One of my favorite teacher discipline moments was when I caught a student playing Guess the Word on his phone during class. I creeped up behind him and whispered “I know the answer to that.” He handed me the phone and I punched in the correct word (of course) and put his phone in my pocket and said “See you after school.”

Being a high school teacher meant that I was always surrounded by kids who were “tech” savvy. (Quotes are there because though they may be amazing at making videos, taking selfies and sharing music, they would be a deer caught in headlights if you asked them to create a two column Word document.) I would always know the latest hashtags, the newest social media app and the best people to follow. Now that I spend most of my time out of the classroom with a little human that has yet to have his own phone, I am more than a little out of the loop.

This realization really came to a head when I downloaded Snapchat a year ago when I saw my sister always on it. When I first heard about it, I thought OMG GROSS. An app that allows you to send pictures that magically go away in seconds? Clearly everyone is using it only to send nudes. Though I felt like an overreactive parent, I thought my concerns were legitimate. Why would you not fb, or instagram or tweet a picture! Obviously you want it to go away because it must be naughty.

I would take a few pics and send it to a few people but I didn’t get it. There were no pretty filters, no fancy bokeh and most of all no hastags. Just a silly text box with a MS paint tool that is so tacky. And in all honesty, I was a complete noob at it. I kept taking pictures of the floor/ceiling… could not swipe the right way… kept clicking on the wrong thing… I felt like a fogey. I thought “I cannot do one more thing! I can’t remember one more username and password!!” And just like that I became my parents.

I realized I cannot give up this quickly! Wes is only 17 months. If I can’t figure out snapchat, I will be hopeless when he’s 17 years old. Enter my attempt to get with it. Two days in, I am really loving it.


Quick impressions:

  • Time and Space Saver. It’s nice to not open a camera, open a text, attach a picture and then hit send to share a moment. eg. I love seeing what people eat for meals… I don’t like it enough to take up phone space.
  • Feeling connected. I love sharing mundane moments. With Instagram and Facebook, I feel the need to be “editorial” – take a good picture, write a good caption, create a witty hashtag. I also don’t want to overshare. I also wonder if my friends are sick of seeing my baby.
  • No likes or hearts or comments. As we all know these things can be double-edged swords.
  • Kaitlyn and Shawn are freaking cute on Snapchat. Add them. Snapbackbean / Shawn_Booth Add them.

Let’s be friends!!




One thought on “On not being a tech fogey…

  1. I’m trying it too!! But I can’t get over how much of a waste of time it feels because you have nothing to show for yourself once the day is over! But I’ll totally snap you 🙂

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