Three Years


Usually when I tell you to smile, you give me a “smile”baring only your bottom teeth in this bizarre underbite display. This was a nice change of pace. 

Dear Wesley,

I owe you a letter but mama is too full of all the feelings right now to put into words this past year. It is coming! And well before your 4th birthday, I promise.

For your birthday, you started the day crying about something scary at 3:02 am. This is noteworthy because you were born at 3:02 am  so when I looked at my watch and saw the time it was a little creepy and serendipitous at the same time. Since it was your birthday, I lingered a little bit longer in your room after singing you a song and tucking you back in.

After you woke up for reals, we had breakfast, opened presents, watched excavators move dirt around our demolished house and checked out a free gymnastics class. We got lunch with Grandpa and the 3 generations of Sohn boys (minus number two boy) rode the Cal Train from Menlo Park to Mountain View. From what I heard it was a little scary for you at first and you kept complaining it was moving too fast! (Which is so inline with your cautious spirit). We all took naps when we got home and you were treated with surprises from friends and grandma and we topped the day off with your dinner of choice – Ling Ling Dumplings and cheesecake.

Last night before I tucked you in, I interviewed you to capture you at this time in our lives. Here’s what you said!


How old are you? Two

What’s your favorite color? Umm… Blue

What’s your favorite TV show? CONSTRUCTION!!

Who is your best friend? Daniel Tiger!

What’s your favorite toy? Trolley

What’s your favorite food? ummm… ummm… GARBAGE TRUCK *cackle cackle*

What’s your favorite animal? Cow

Where do you live now? Number Two house! (Our apartment’s number is #2)

What happened to Wesley’s house? It broke.

Why did it break? Because the machines and the excavator broke it.

Why did they break it? Because Mr. Tyler (our contractor) is going to make a new one.

What do you want to do tomorrow? Go to George and Charlie’s house!!!!

What’s baby brother/daddy/mommy’s name? Char-wee, Tim and Candy

What does baby brother like to eat? milk

What does Wesley like to drink? real milk

How do you spell your name? W E S L E Y

When is your birthday? March second

Where does yeeyee (auntie phoebe) live? At the train station!

How do you make spaghetti? You put it in the pot and stir it. And then you get it out and put it on the plate. Ta da!





Month Two


I love this one of you. I can just hear the music in the back blaring, “Hip Hop HooRAYYYY HO HEY HO!”

Dear Charlie,

This was a big month for your mama. This month, in the game of Mommy and Daddy v. The Sohn Bros, we went from a exhausting but manageable man on man defense to a 10-hour double-team. (Read: Tim went back to work) Thanks to the generosity of family and friends who visited us and fed us, we managed to survive, and squeak by with some sleepy smiles on our faces.

Life with two littles is full, crazy, exhausting and wonderful. Sometimes it’s just one of those adjectives. Sometimes those adjectives are all present at once. I remember when I was 8th grade and staying up late for the first time (~11pm) one night working on my US Constitution project and thinking I was SO BUSY. And UGH. I AM SO STRESSED. Looking back on that as a high schooler, then as college student and  then as an adult, it’s totally laughable and ridiculous. That’s kinda how it’s like having two kids. Life before this now seems like a joke  so manageable!

There’s a running joke around parents about being the second (or third/fourth/etc) child. Basically it goes like this. With (insert name of your firstborn), I used to (insert good parenting behavior), now with (name of second child) I (insert mediocre/questionable parenting behavior ie. gave him his first iPad at 3 months/ fed her popcorn for lunch/ didn’t change their diaper for 6 hours). I am sorry Charlie. That joke is very true, but in honor of your second month of life, I came up with a list of reasons why being #2 is amazing.

  1. Accelerated Learning. I am pretty sure when I was a first time parent, I didn’t really know what to say to Wesley all day. I *think* I sang songs, rhymes and talked about my day. But since we have a very talkative almost 3 yo in the house, you are exposed to so much more words. For example, since you are always around during your brother’s story time, you are exposed to much more advanced books at a much younger age! Though I have to admit a big reason for that is that our baby books with black and white contrasting stripes and mirrors are packed away somewhere. We are reading books about trains and a lot of construction vehicles these days. Maybe your first words will be skid steer loader?
  2. More Hugs. In order to keep up with a toddler, I have become an expert at buckling you into the Ergo and carrying you everywhere. This means that we are pretty much hugging each other for hours every day. And this is how I accidentally subscribed to Attachment Parenting. Womp womp.
  3. Non-Noob Parents. As you may know by now, we accidentally gave your big bro a flat head (and then corrected it). This time around, we are better about ignoring your protests about tummy time which has resulted in better neck and core strength! Whenever you were being fussy for no apparent reason, I would retaliate with tummy time. That sounds really mean now that I type that out, but hey, your head looks pretty good. You are welcome.
  4. More Adventures. You’ve already been to the zoo, attended a birthday party, two baby sprinkles, gone on a hike, and eaten out at True Foods Kitchen, Chipotle, Cooking Papa, Koi Palace x 2 and Beijing House just to name a few.
  5. More Loves. Any given day, you have 3 people who cannot wait to give you hugs and cuddles. Whenever you cry, Wes comes over and rests his head on your chest and says, “It’s okay baby brother. You’re okay.” It’s just about the sweetest thing in the world.

See, being number two is kind of a sweet gig. We are big fans of you Number Two!

Love, Mama



Height- 1 ft. 11.75 in. (86%) Weight – 12 lbs 7.5 oz (59%) Head Circumference – 15.51 inches (63%)

Diapers – Size 2

Clothing – You outgrew your newborn clothes really quickly. Your 0-3 month clothes are snug.

Sleep – We discovered that your flat bassinet was not a suitable bed for you. On a sleepover at a friend’s house, we put you in a rock and play and you LOVED it. We immediately borrowed one from a friend so you could sleep in that instead of being a couch surfer. A couple times you even went 6-7 hours between feedings! No need to be overly proud of yourself though, this hasn’t happened since.

Noteworthy Charlie

  • *In addition to calling you Baby Brother, Wesley calls you “Number Two Boy!” Daddy is “Number Three Boy!” and sometimes I am “Number Four Boy!” Hurray.
  • You rocked your 2 month check up and were so brave when you got your shots! Thankfully no post-vax fevers this time around.
  • You have major FOMO. Sometimes we leave you in your rocker and walk away and you get SO sad… but once we are in your line of sight, you usually will stop crying.
  • You like being clean. You appreciate a good diaper change even if it means getting a cold wet wipe to your bum.
  • You love a good bath. There is a peace and calm on your face when you are in the water in your birthday suit. Maybe you will be the son that doesn’t get kicked out of swim class for screaming?