About Me

Summertime Candy (or Summer Candy for short) is a joke around my house. Every year around the end of  May a transformation begins in my life and in the lives of those around me.

You see I am a high school teacher.  And between the months of August – May, my days consists of pre-dawn wake ups, fulfilling and emotionally exhausting days, sometimes making dinner, most of the time not and exercising every other day or so. I am so thankful for every aspect of my school year days. But ten months out of the year, I miss cooking, organizing, crafting, cleaning, blogging, reading, shopping, TV watching and movie going!

Then comes June. And with it – Summer Candy.

This blog is a place for me to document the joy of summer time hobbies that hopefully spill into the school year. Everyone needs a little summer all year round.

On this generalist blog you will find

  • a lazy crafter that loves starting projects and is a allergic to finishing them
  • a foodie glutton that loves food. I think about food all day long and plan vacations around my sense of smell and taste over my eyes.
  • a home cook that loves cooking from recipes and calls mom every time I am trying to make her special chicken and potatoes even though I’ve asked her 16 times before
  • a teacher that believes in her students’ ability to be compassionate citizens that will do amazing things for the world
  • someone who loves organization systems… and yet hoards magazines, pens, water bottles and hair ties.
  • a wife who is crazy about her husband.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tim and I in our regalia being as civil as we can for our Christmas picture.

Tim and I in our regalia being as civil as we can for our Christmas picture.


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