Month Ten

Dear Wes,

Happy 10 Months sweet guy!


In this month of your life, you returned from your first international trip, visited Grandma and Grandpa in San Diego and celebrated your first Christmas! It’s been a whirlwind of a month for us as a family (as you can see by the timestamp of this post) but everything is bearable because we’re together.

Just so that there’s no confusion, our family celebrates Christmas. We celebrate Christmas not because we love gifts, Santa, decorating, food or family. (Those things are good, but that’s not really the reason why). We celebrate Christmas because we believe that Jesus really came many years ago and His life brings true joy and peace into ours. In hopes of celebrating Jesus and the season well, your dad and I have been trying on traditions for 5 years now in hopes of figuring out what felt right for our little family. I am proud to report that we still haven’t figured it out. Christmases were always variable growing up. They were always full of celebrating Jesus, enjoying family, eating too much and opening presents but every year was different! And though that is fun in its own right, I wanted to create some traditions for our family. Maybe because I love the idea of culture building and maybe this is a small way to get going on that. (Wow. That last statement was so Silicon Valley-esque. I am not sure how I feel about that.)

Onward to the subject of traditions. Here are some things that your Dad and I have tried over the years. Warning, many of these things are not spiritual. We are working on that. :X

  • Eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas Morning I love this idea. However that precludes that I spend a couple hours in December making cinnamon rolls and several days after cleaning trying rid myself of cinnamon buttery residue. If you have made cinnamon rolls, you know that you have to use melted butter and it gets EVERYWHERE. Not to mention you have to use yeast and I am scared of yeast. I like working with the lifeless baking soda / baking powder. The fact that I have to resurrect yeast and feed them and make them gassy makes me very nervous every time I make rolls. Consecutive Christmas Score: 2 years out of 5.
  • Building Legos with the Lego Advent Calendar We got this idea a little too late in 2013 and they were sold out everywhere. We had our act together for 2014 but then traveled so much we were so behind we ended up having our friend my brother put them all together. This year we went with the Star Wars Advent Calendar. Since I am not that familiar with the story nor (something about the protagonist finding out that his arch nemesis is his dad?), I don’t think I appreciated all the little figurines to their fullest potential. Maybe I should stick to the Lego City version. Consecutive Christmas Score: 1 year out of 5.
  • legoadventPicking out a tree at the local tree farm (read: Home Depot) I realized that touching trees makes me itchy and boy do they shed! Not to mention that real trees are so expensive and it seemed strangely not green to use a real tree only to throw it away after a month). I am on the hunt for a fake tree for next year. Consecutive Christmas Score: 4 years out of 5. (We missed a year when we left our families on Christmas Day for Milan.)
  • Reading out of the Jesus Story Book Bible. Last year when you were still in my belly (since your mom is a Biology teacher, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify by saying that when I say belly, I actually mean uterus. But no one really wants to hear that so thus we stick with the more socially acceptable and less vivid – tummy). The Jesus Story Book Bible is one of my favorite books in the world. Before I was even pregnant, I would read a couple stories to myself and choke up at the words. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but times when I was feeling so blah about reading my “adult” Bible, I would reach for this one instead and it would kindle joy and wonder in my soul. This Bible is arranged that there are 21 stories that lead up to Jesus’ birth. So if you do it right, you can read a story a night (skipping a couple here and there) in the month of December and land on Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day. I tried this with you this year, but you are a little wiggly and only sit still for about 3 words per page. Preferably words that have me barking, quacking, mooing or oinking. Can’t wait to snuggle with you and read these stories together Wes! Consecutive Christmas Score: 2 years out of 5


  • You weigh about 19.5 lbs. (Unofficial)
  • 4 teeth
  • Helmet is off! I was so sad at first because I missed it, but I love seeing more of your face! I also don’t miss the smell of a sweaty boy’s gym every time I took off your helmet.
  • Waving (When others wave at you, you generally like to awkwardly wait for about 26 seconds before you wave back at them. Nice.)


  • Climbing up stairs! You have yet to master coming down the stairs in a manner that does not illicit a heart attack from either of your parents.
  • Last month you were crawling, pulling up to a stand and crawling. But now you just do it faster. (Insert cold sweat emoji)
  • Still size 3 diapers. But you wear size 4 diapers at night.
  • Still fit in 9-12 month clothes
  • Latest Sleep/Poop Drama: MOTN Cow Pies. Why Wes. Why.
  • You want to do everything for yourself. Exhibit A:



  • Food, car rides, smiles, puffs, rice cakes, cheese,


  • Diaper changes. It is full on WWF these days with you.

Favorite Toy

  • Anything that is not intended to be a toy. Tupperware, plastic bottles, starbucks cups, socks etc…

Socks provide at least 3 minutes of fun. This fun can be extended by putting socks on your hands. It drives you crazy!

Memories from the Month!


“Guys I have no idea why you are complaining. I have so much legroom here.”


So jet lagged.. you fell asleep on the hardwood floor mid bottle.


You and your Aunt Phoebe being silly together.


This was a low in our month. You got a skin allergy test because you broke out in hives in Asia. Twice. We confirmed you are allergic to sesame (super allergic), eggs, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, and wheat. Womp womp womp.

IMG_5150This was your first Christmas haul. I started a gift giving tradition. You get 4 things. Something to read, something to wear, something you need and something you want.




Month Six

Dear Wes,

Happy Six Months sweet guy!


At six months you are charmingly social, unreservedly friendly and unabashedly gluttonous. The biggest news that happened this month is that you get to wear a helmet! Let me back up and explain how we ended up in this predicament in the first place. Well it was no secret that you came into the world with a generously sized noggin (all that gray matter has to go somewhere)! When you were younger, you would always prefer sleeping on your right side. Despite our efforts to turn your head, you would always find that side. At your 4 month appointment your pediatrician referred us to a specialist. I was grateful that she gave us the warning that it would be PLASTICS that would be calling us to make an appointment or else I would’ve hung up on them. When the plastic surgeon measured the diagonals of your skull and told us there was enough of a discrepancy that he was going to recommend helmet therapy, I cried all the way home… and continued to cry at home. Cognitively I knew it was just cosmetic (after all, we did see the plastic surgeon) and thankfully you are in good health, but the momma guilt hit hard. I thought of all those times I’d let you sleep in my arms… on your right side… because you were so snuggly and happy. And of course I was so sleepy and tired that I would do anything to help you sleep longer. Your dad and I got so distracted by your cradle cap, eczema and itchiness that we kinda let this one slip on our radar. Sorry Wes. This is the burden you bear as our firstborn. (Hey at least you know we followed the AAP recommendation of putting you on your back to sleep!) Not to worry, we are making up for it by getting you the most kick ass helmet in the world.

We sent your helmet to this wonderful woman in Washington that paints baby helmets. I feel like I need to explain the SF patch on your helmet. When I was in tears, your sweet father told me that I could make your helmet a Chargers helmet. But seeing as you were born in the Bay Area and we currently live in the Bay, I thought it would be appropriate to show some hometown pride. Sigh. I could not bear the thought someone booing you for having a Chargers patch on your helmet! Anyway you will be glad to know that you are wearing your helmet like a champ. Everyone (including your mom and dad) worried that the helmet will be uncomfortable and that you would be miserable. Well, that just hasn’t been the case. The first time it came on you cried for a couple of minutes and that was the end of that.  The upside to all of this is that I am less worried about you hitting your head on something now that you have protective gear on 23 hours a day!

Maybe one day you’ll want to shave your head. And when you do, please rub that right side your head and think of your mommy’s tears that were shed to make that side round. (juuust kidding)

I love you flat head.



  • At your 6 month weigh in, you were at 16 lb 15 oz (so. close. to 17!! Had you not had the biggest poo an hour ago, I think we would’ve hit 17). You are 27 inches in height and your head is 17.5″ in circumference. Your percentiles are 38th/53rd/81st respectively)
  • Rolling – You are now able to roll from back to front! That was REALLY exciting when it happened but we quickly retracted our enthusiasm because we (including you) realized that you actually hate being on your tummy but YOU LOVE ROLLING. This is something we are hoping will kick into your brain sometime soon… if you don’t like being on your tummy, don’t #$@% roll onto your tummy. Or at least roll back to your back! (You used to do this all the time but you conveniently forgot for a good two weeks which resulted in me waking up multiple times at night to flip you back to your back because SOMEONE put you on your tummy. And that makes you SO ANGRY.)
  • What cradle cap? That was sooooo last month. A huge blessing with you getting a helmet is that the plastic surgeon wanted us to aggressively treat your cradle cap because that + helmet = no bueno. We saw a dermatologist and she prescribed magical drugs that literally changed your skin and scalp overnight. OVERNIGHT. It was unreal. Your eczema has also improved so drastically you sleep unswaddled at night!
  • You have a natural bedtime of 7pm these days. It’s a little bit of a damper for eating out at night… but now we just do things like go to Yard House at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon for linner (the meal between lunch and dinner)! You’ll usually sleep for 7-8 hours straight and then wake up to have some milk and then sleep until 6:30-7:00 am. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Well until you decide that you’d like to venture into another tunnel.
  • You are playing with toys appropriately. You are grabbing for toys on your activity mat, putting teething toys in your mouth and rolling balls around.
  • You have preferences. Yesterday I was driving home and out of the blue you decided that you HATED BEING IN THE CAR SEAT. So you started crying and screaming. You did this for 20 minutes until we arrived home. The moment I parked in the garage, the screaming stopped. I opened the door to your seat and you just looked at me with these eyes that said “Who was screaming their head off in there?!” And of course then you proceeded to flash me a gummy smile. 
  • Drool. Oh my goodness, we are at the stage where bibs are utilized less as spit up receptacles and more as drool absorbers. If you are not wearing a bib, your shirt will be completely soaked through in about an hour.
  • You really should size up to size 3 diapers but we bought too many size 2 so we will hold off onto the size 3 for another month.
  • You are wearing 6-12 month clothes. I still prefer dressing you in onesies bc normal shirts just don’t stay down!


  • We started feeding you solids and YOU LOVE FOOD. You have had rice cereal (not your fave). You much prefer carrots and bananas. We cannot get the food in your mouth fast enough. Sometimes you grab the spoon and “assist” us in getting it in your mouth. I am finding great satisfaction in making ice cube baby food. I don’t know why but I love popping out color cubes and putting them in a big bag. I’m also glad I am finding new uses for the vitamix!

First Word

“Okay!” (at 13 seconds)

First Recorded Laugh

Fact: This is the video your dad will watch over and over again every night after you have gone down for bed.


  • Sophie (Now you are more into her legs than her ears)
  • Fake keys aka gum massager
  • Long walks
  • CeraVe massages and pedis/manis at the Cambridge Spa.


  • Being out past your bedtime


  • Mochi Cheeks
  • Bunches (This was originally truncated from Honey Bunches)
  • Leslie (For the times you shriek and scream at a high frequency)
  • Vesley (When we feel like speaking in a German accent)
  • Booboo (Mommy’s friend calls you this and it’s so cute it grew on me! No correlation to Here Comes Honey BooBoo whatsover)

What do people say about you when they see you:

  • THOSE CHEEKS.” (I’m telling you son, your cheeks are incredible)
  • “He has the cutest toes!!” You have really cute feet. They are not as chunky as baby feet goes… but they are adorable because you have these long toes. I kinda love them. This is why you never wear shoes or socks because I love looking at your feet.

Here is a shot of your toes. You are doing ankle circles during church.