Three Years


Usually when I tell you to smile, you give me a “smile”baring only your bottom teeth in this bizarre underbite display. This was a nice change of pace. 

Dear Wesley,

I owe you a letter but mama is too full of all the feelings right now to put into words this past year. It is coming! And well before your 4th birthday, I promise.

For your birthday, you started the day crying about something scary at 3:02 am. This is noteworthy because you were born at 3:02 am  so when I looked at my watch and saw the time it was a little creepy and serendipitous at the same time. Since it was your birthday, I lingered a little bit longer in your room after singing you a song and tucking you back in.

After you woke up for reals, we had breakfast, opened presents, watched excavators move dirt around our demolished house and checked out a free gymnastics class. We got lunch with Grandpa and the 3 generations of Sohn boys (minus number two boy) rode the Cal Train from Menlo Park to Mountain View. From what I heard it was a little scary for you at first and you kept complaining it was moving too fast! (Which is so inline with your cautious spirit). We all took naps when we got home and you were treated with surprises from friends and grandma and we topped the day off with your dinner of choice – Ling Ling Dumplings and cheesecake.

Last night before I tucked you in, I interviewed you to capture you at this time in our lives. Here’s what you said!


How old are you? Two

What’s your favorite color? Umm… Blue

What’s your favorite TV show? CONSTRUCTION!!

Who is your best friend? Daniel Tiger!

What’s your favorite toy? Trolley

What’s your favorite food? ummm… ummm… GARBAGE TRUCK *cackle cackle*

What’s your favorite animal? Cow

Where do you live now? Number Two house! (Our apartment’s number is #2)

What happened to Wesley’s house? It broke.

Why did it break? Because the machines and the excavator broke it.

Why did they break it? Because Mr. Tyler (our contractor) is going to make a new one.

What do you want to do tomorrow? Go to George and Charlie’s house!!!!

What’s baby brother/daddy/mommy’s name? Char-wee, Tim and Candy

What does baby brother like to eat? milk

What does Wesley like to drink? real milk

How do you spell your name? W E S L E Y

When is your birthday? March second

Where does yeeyee (auntie phoebe) live? At the train station!

How do you make spaghetti? You put it in the pot and stir it. And then you get it out and put it on the plate. Ta da!





We’re so excited to meet you.

Hi there baby boy,

your first selfie! #tbt

Happy 34 weeks to you! According to the very scientific baby center you are the size of a cantaloupe.


Which makes no sense at all because last week, you were the size of a pineapple. Clearly these people do not know their fruits!


Everyone these days is asking how you are doing, how I am doing, if your dad and I are ready. Since you can’t speak audibly for yourself yet, I have been telling everyone that you are doing great. This is the probably the thing I’ll miss the most about pregnancy – speaking on your behalf with confidence authority like I know you. For example, I tell people that things that you love (and by love I mean things that you kick/roll/jab) for include:

  • Fruit
  • Bread
  • Story time
  • Boyz II Men
  • Beyonce
  • Watching The Bachelor

This is very convenient as I also love all these things.

I also tell people that there are things that you don’t like and scare you  (and by scare I mean things that you kick/roll/jab for) like:

  • Intense movies
  • Exercise

Which is very convenient as I too hate all of these things right now.

Last week we went to a newborn care class and the instructor told us how you are experiencing the world through me. You are getting a taste of everything I’m eating, hearing everything I’m saying, feeling every moment. Tim thought it was so neat and incredible. I on the other hand… felt a wave of embarrassment as I flashed back to all the Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwiches I ate while pregnant with you and all the teachery things I say every day in class 39402 times  like “Class. I need your attention” “Bee Tee Double you that means your voices are off and you are looking at me” “It’s 6th period and you are asking me for a pencil? How do you get through life?” (On that note, you will have at least a dozen sharpened pencils on you, all the time, 24/7. We may forget to pack your lunch, but you will NOT be that kid who doesn’t have a pencil in class!!)

In so many ways you know me much better than I know you. And though it is convenient and wonderful that we have matching diets, sleep and pee schedules right now, we are excited to get to know you and grow in love for you. Party it up in there for a couple more weeks kiddo because your room is a wreck and your parents need some time to get their act together.

love you,

your mama/apartment/heated water balloon